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Who We Are

At the heart of our non-profit organization beats the vision and passion of our founders. With a shared commitment to women's empowerment, they embarked on a journey to create a platform dedicated to uplifting and supporting women from all walks of life. Their diverse backgrounds, unwavering dedication, and relentless drive form the cornerstone of our mission. Meet the dynamic individuals who ignited the spark of change and continue to inspire us all.

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Falisha Rexford

President & CO-CEO

Falisha Rexford, our dynamic President and CEO, epitomizes resilience and leadership at Women Moving Mountains. As a mother of two lively boys and Boston terriers, wife to a dedicated firefighter, and a proud veteran, Falisha's life is a testament to service and commitment. She stands tall as a proud American, Las Vegas investor, and thriving real estate agent. Leading The Rexford Group, a highly successful and Female Veteran Owned and Operated real estate business in Las Vegas, Falisha serves those who serve with unparalleled dedication. With a mission to treat clients like family, she embodies the spirit of Women Moving Mountains in her every endeavor.

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Angela Bento

Vice President & CO-CEO

Angela Bento, Founder and Executive Director of Women Moving Mountains, channels her passion for positive change into creating a brighter future. With a rich background in aircrew and intelligence from almost two decades in the Air Force, Angela brings a unique perspective to her role. Devoted to family as a mother of two, and with aspirations to start a small business, Angela embodies the principles she advocates. Through Women Moving Mountains, she aims to uplift women by fostering personal growth, encouraging collaboration, and creating a supportive community. Angela's commitment to empowering others mirrors dedication to making the world a better place.

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Nicole Swift

Treasurer, Secretary, & CFO

Nicole Swift, the Treasurer, Secretary, and CFO of Women Moving Mountains, draws on a lifetime shaped by the Air Force. Raised by Air Force parents, she carries the discipline and precision ingrained in her upbringing into her roles. Nicole is not just a financial steward but also the founder of a thriving personal assistant company, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit. Married to a military man, she intimately understands the challenges faced by families in service. Nicole's unwavering attention to detail ensures the organization's financial health, embodying the values of Women Moving Mountains and contributing to the success of the collective mission.

Maggie Jensen

Chief Marketing Officer

Maggie Jenson, our esteemed Chief Marketing Officer, brings innovation and passion to Women Moving Mountains. Beyond her role, Maggie is the driving force behind her successful mindset company, MAGNIFY PROGRESSIVE WELLNESS. Maggie's unique approach fosters positive transformations, aligning with the ethos of Women Moving Mountains. With a blend of marketing prowess and a commitment to holistic well-being, Maggie amplifies our mission and inspires positive change within our community and beyond.

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