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Are you looking to get an edge in your career without sacrificing your life? Are you ready to get the recognition you deserve?  

Are you wondering if it's all worth it? Are you tired of constantly having to choose between your family and your career?

Within each of the Women Moving Mountains programs, we can help you get what you need to get your dream career while living a bold and beautiful life: 



  • One-on-one Executive Leadership Coaching

  • The Inner Circle - women's group coaching

  • Women Accelerated Bootcamp

In the future there will be no female leaders,

there will be only leaders.

- Sheryl Sandberg

One-on-One Executive Leadership Coaching

Description:  The one-on-one coaching program is a 6-month program, with 11 private one-hour calls per quarter.

This program is for the leader who wants to go all-in to build the right strategies that will propel you forward in your career - and in life. Over the 6-months, together we will focus on the practical, tactical and deeper personal performance areas and build the roadmap to help you reach your goals.

The core tenets of the coaching program that we will focus on during our weekly calls include:

  • Gain clarity on your definition of success - for you and your lifeso that you can take on the assignments, responsibilities and tasks that support YOUR agenda

  • Work towards self-mastery, learning how to tap into your hidden strengths and avoid derailing behaviors; so that you can demonstrate your talents through every situation - even under stressful times.

  • Address the common hurdles women face when rising the ranks; so that you are armed with proven strategies that help you show up at your best each and every day.

  • Create your storyhighlighting how you bring value to your business, how you support your team, and how you master client relationships; so that you can lead the performance conversations during your reviews, in compensation conversations and in preparation for your promotions.

  • Learn how your Energy Leadership (TM) levels impact how you show up; so you can put into place strategies to overcome obstacles and roadblocks

  • Address any limiting beliefs or negative self-talk that can hold you back; so you can stand in your own power as a leader.

  • Together, we will create your Integrated Life Plan so that you can confidently steer your career and be comfortable saying 'no' to things that do not serve you. 

Are you worried about adding one more thing to your already busy schedule? By getting clear on where YOU want to go with your career, having a clear decision making strategy for things that pull at your time, and defined personal boundaries, you can manage your schedule instead of letting it manage you!

Reach out today for a consultation to see if the One-on-One Executive Leadership Coaching Program is right for you. Let us work together to boost your career and keep your life in tact.

Women who have an inner circle predominantly of women
can have 2.5 times more success on their path to leadership. 
- PNAS Study

The Inner Circle

Description:  The Inner Circle is a 6-month group coaching program consisting of 22 one-hour group calls. Each cohort is limited to a small, intimate number of women leaders from across the country.  

CEOs and Corporate Boards annually reserve time to assess strategies, goals, challenges and opportunities.  Why shouldn't you, as the CEO of your own career?

The Inner Circle program provides a forum for professional women to invest in yourself, your boundless potential, and to build deeper relationships with like-minded women.  In each of our calls, we will center on a topic relevant to your cohort.  We will discuss individual challenges and collectively discuss strategies and solutions. 


The results our cohorts receive stem from the synergistic and supportive atmosphere as they go through the process of taking the reins of their career - balanced with life goals.


Join one of our upcoming cohorts to take your career - and life - to the next level. Check out the Event Calendar for our next cohort.

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.
- Mae West

Women Accelerated Bootcamp 

Description: Based upon the international-best selling book with the same title, this 7 week intensive program is an aggressive, fast-paced program to help you get you launch into your new way of managing your career.

Over the 7 weeks, each cohort will participant in a 1.5 hours group-coaching call. Each individual will receive an electronic copy of the worksheets to go along with each weekly call. Each individual will have the opportunity to undergo "Hot Seat" training with real-time feedback from their cohort.

Felicia 3D.png

Each week we will address a new topic.  

  1. A personalized plan and vision for your career and a route to self mastery; so that you have the clarity of where you're headed and the confidence you know the steps that will lead you there.

  2. Build your Personal Board of Advisors; so that you can create sponsorship and champions who will promote you and help you navigate those unwritten rules.

  3. Prepare your Personal Performance Dashboard; so that you can confidently own your narrative, articulating clearly the value you bring to the table as a powerhouse executive leader.

  4. Master Negotiations and Influence; so that you can sway the decision makers and gatekeepers, championing your business, your people, and your customers - helping you get what you need when you need it.

  5. Build your own Succession Plan; so that you can pave the path for those who rise as you rise.

  6. Design your Whole Life; so that you can be just as clear about your personal goals and boundaries - developing the tactics to strengthen and grow the relationships you hold dear.

  7. Create your Integrated Life Plan; so that you can remove the guess work and show up authentically with less stress - creating harmony in your life AND career.

It's not uncommon for participants to complete the bootcamp and move from overwhelm to a sense of control and renewed vigor for driving their career.

Check out the Event Calendar for our next Women Accelerated Bootcamp.